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About us - Maboneng Broadband
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About Maboneng

years of real experience



Just like our fibre-optic, we’re lean and modern, built for speed and responsiveness in a dynamic environment. We’re proudly South African, and inspired by the positive energy we see around us every day. We’re on a mission to bring the light of high-speed fibre-optic broadband to neighbourhoods across South Africa. We are true neighbourhood FTTx pioneers, covering businesses and residential consumers, and proud of the fact that we have successfully done this before most other players in the market. Many people thought that this couldn’t be achieved in downtown Johannesburg, but we never shrink from a challenge. Inspired by the positive energy of Maboneng we proved the doubters wrong and got it right first time, becoming neighbourhood fibre optic pioneers!

African economies are growing at faster pace than ever before and Africa offers huge, untapped opportunities. Step into the light and experience the internet’s true potential for enterprise, education and entertainment.

When we light up South Africa, we’re going to find many amazing people, families and companies, and through the power of fibre-optic broadband, we want to help them connect and fulfill their true potential.



Maboneng is where we began, and was the first neighbourhood to be connected to our internet infrastructure. Maboneng Broadband was founded in 2013. The business operation was spun out and acquired by Fibrehoods in early 2016, recapitalised and positioned more broadly to provide true open access FTTH and Wifi Hotspot networks to other suburbs and precincts using the valuable knowledge and experience gained in Maboneng.

Maboneng is in our DNA – the same innovative and positive community spirit we encourage in our own team and that we look to enhance in each subsequent neighbourhood that we light up. For years Joburg’s CBD was considered a “no-go” area; now – thanks to urban regeneration – it is the city’s go-to zone for radically fast internet and vibey urban living, with a strongly beating business heart.

A thriving, diverse community, Maboneng is home to retail, restaurant and entertainment venues as well as apartments, offices and creative business spaces in an ultra-connected urban environment. Residents, businesses and visitors alike can benefit from warp-speed internet as they live, work and play in Joburg’s most exciting district.

Maboneng is associated with urban cool, innovation and enterprise. It’s about a refusal to accept the status quo when there’s a better alternative. “Made in Maboneng” has become a guarantee of a certain spirit of creativity, ingenuity, and vision. We’re extremely proud to be Made in Maboneng, and of our role in connecting this urban neighbourhood.

We’ve tried to capture the essence of Maboneng in everything we do. Our fibre-optic broadband has “Maboneng inside” and that spirit enables us to bring the best of South Africa to the world, and vice versa. Made in Maboneng; available everywhere.



Years of real world experience in South Africa – we’ve actually been doing this for a while and we’ve got the fibre into the home to prove it!

We’ve connected up over 1,000 residential, commercial and office units across 15 developments over 8 city blocks in the Maboneng Precinct, and we’ll soon reach over 1,500.

We understand the end-user needs and challenges. We are last metre specialists.

True Open Access & Managed networks running multiple service layers, including managed wireless networks (WISP) services and security, including CCTV cameras and access control systems.



We believe in being open and transparent, just like our network.

We take ownership of everything we do and we persevere.

Our integrity is a source of pride, and we’re equally focused on our current customers and on the future.

We’re serial innovators and we’ll never stop trying to dazzle you with our offering.

We always honour our commitments.

We are now rolling out our proven approach – from consultation through design, implementation, operation and management – and as you read this, it’s powering business and busy lives in Maboneng, where people are downloading and uploading up to 250 times faster than the rest of SA. And if you’re reading this in in Maboneng, well hello, neighbour!

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